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Hot drawing is required reading
- Mar 19, 2018 -

If you are a clothing factory, if you are going to use a perm to decorate your product. So, you have to read about the hot drawing knowledge below. As a kind of decoration, it can add the appearance of clothing and increase the value of clothing. But inferior, the graph moves bit, the drilling piece changes color, damage, even fall off, influence beautiful, make clothing depreciate, affect the economic benefit and reputation of the enterprise. Therefore, in line with the responsibility of the user, in this, the introduction of some of the relevant knowledge.

The factors that affect the ironing diagram: first, the quality of the drill and ironing; The second is the quality of ironing paper; Third, the method of mold making; The fourth is the elaboration of processing; Five is the packaging method; Six is the transportation method; Seven is the iron; Eight is inspection and acceptance.

1. The identification of ironing and ironing quality.

The quality of hot drill, hot plate (octagon, flat slice) is mainly identified from four aspects: one is brightness. Good quality, good brightness; Poor quality, poor brightness. Second, color difference: quality, pure color, small color difference; Poor quality, bad color, large color difference. 3. Specifications: quality, thickness and diameter; Poor quality, uneven thickness, small diameter. Four is the base glue: the quality, the bottom glue thin and round, the color is consistent; The quality is inferior, the base glue is thick and irregular, the color is deep and shallow, even have a lot of lack of glue. According to the effect of ironing, it is not easy to fall off the bottom glue, and the bottom glue is easy to fall off, especially after seeing the water.

At present, the market has imported, semi-imported (foreign material domestic processing or domestic materials foreign technology), domestic three kinds of drill. Imported best, half - imported good, domestic general. Because GeChang production drilling technical indicators, countries did not test, in the absence of level standards, so the manufacturers, distributors, according to the market comparison, replenish onr's stock price, the business needs, the level of labels, the drilling quality, market price confusion, it is difficult to identify.

2, hot paper

There are only white hot paper and yellow hot paper, each has its advantages. White hot paper is divided into coarse grain, middle grain, fine lines. Generally speaking, white hot paper because of the bottom has lines, making the drill bit difficult to walk; And yellow press paper, the viscosity of the glue is good, but the bottom paper is slippery, suitable for hot plate. Therefore, it is necessary to select the hot paper according to the drill sheet.

3, moulding

The mold is the key to the hot drawing, the decision graph depends on the mold. There are two methods for mold making, one is the mechanical drilling machine mold, the disadvantage is that only the circular drill plate mold, the graphic accuracy should be based on the mold person's experience. The second is the computer laser model (computer engraving machine and laser machine), can be produced according to the pattern, not bad, but the cost is high.

4, processing

Processing is processed and refined, all by hand. Rough processing is based on the sample processing, inspection is not careful; And the finishing process is to pay attention to the quality of processing, check and accept carefully, replace the color difference, damaged, lack of glue, shift of the drill piece, so that the graphics can be kept as well as the effect picture. Use the time to calculate, rough machining three pictures, processing maximum two.

5, packing

Inner vacuum plastic packaging and carton packaging, outer packing is key generally wrapped, the number of sheets to be appropriate, elastic moderate, long-distance transport packaging to use hard paper clip, or around the corners of packed in cardboard, to not make the hot figure, drill bit.

6, transportation,

Special protection should be protected, light and easy to handle, do not bump, long distance transportation insurance, care, to ensure that the graph does not move.

7, very hot,

Hot drawing with steam ironing, ironing, laser ironing, ironing, and so on. Generally speaking, it is mainly the combination of temperature, time and pressure. Iron tablets (octagonal tablets, plain film) at 140 ℃, melting point, therefore, must temperature can reach 140 ℃ hot; Domestic hot drilling temperature is low, general at about 140 ℃; The temperature of imported drill is high, generally 160 to 200; Small diameter drilling temperature, large diameter drilling temperature; Ironing, because the temperature is low, you need to adjust the high temperature to be hot; The glue is ironed out, that is because the ironing temperature is too high, want to turn down point temperature only. Time is usually 10 seconds -- 15 seconds is appropriate, depending on the specific situation. The pressure should be moderate, depending on the fabric. In general, from the hot paper surface, the thin material can also be heated from the cloth surface. Thin material temperature is lower, thicker material temperature is higher; The clothes that are flat is very hot some, the clothes of thick and thin differ, the drill piece of different size wants to use the cushion of elastic good, the pressure is bigger, ability is hot. The most notable is that, with steam in the white clothes ironing the color of the homemade octagons peace tablets, easy to make white clothes dyeing, can only use other hot methods. Because other than white and yellow iron is not lost color, other color film is faded, just cannot see on the clothes that have colour. The stamping design requires that the printing design should leave holes in the drill seat to be hot, otherwise the diamond is easy to fall off.

8. Inspection and acceptance

Should check before pressing, should be checked after ironing. All drilling (including import) made of very hot figure can appear more or less have off color, broken, lacks adhesive, drill bit, even in the graph of drill phenomenon, therefore, must be examined before ironing after correction, is very hot on the cloth. After ironing, check again: one is to see the ironing, if there are a number of unironed, immediately raise the temperature, extend the hot, increase the pressure to repress once; If there are some unironed diamond pieces, replace a drill with a clamp, put it on the cigarette end, on the lighter or on the ironing machine, then put it on the cloth and press it. The second is to use the finger to use a moderate power to scrape on the hot drawing with the finger, if it does not fall, the drill is hot; If the drill is blown off, it indicates that it is not ironed and should be reworked.