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How to Choose Glass Rhinestones Size
- Oct 16, 2018 -

How to Choose the size of Raluxy hotfix rhinestone or flatback non hotfix rhinestone


Many customers make mistake on size. Sometimes they choose too small size comparing to their crafts.  Now let us explain to you how to choose size: 

When you choose size, you can compare the following picture. For each size, there is approximate diameter. So when you use stone on your clothing or others, you can measure the stone size you need and choose the approximate one.


When order, please pay attention on following:

1. For different size, of cause the price is different. Please order the right one with right price.

2. Usually, our price based on one small bag. Each size with their own packing qty. Please also check following table.



From SS3 to SS10, they are small siaze. Usually use as nail art, or small assist to big size.

From ss12 to SS48, it is big size. Usually most popular size is ss16 and ss20. For wedding dress, shoes, or other work, usually use ss16 or ss20 as main stones.

Following is stone size proption for your reference.


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