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It is mainly the combination of temperature, time and pressure
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Hot drawing with steam ironing, ironing, laser ironing, ironing, and so on. Generally speaking, it is mainly the combination of temperature, time and pressure.

Iron tablets (octagonal tablets, plain film) at 140 ℃, melting point, therefore, must temperature can reach 140 ℃ hot; Domestic hot drilling temperature is low, general at about 140 ℃; The temperature of imported drill is high, generally 160 to 200; Small diameter drilling temperature, large diameter drilling temperature; Ironing, because the temperature is low, you need to adjust the high temperature to be hot; The glue is ironed out, that is because the hot temperature is too high, want to turn down point temperature only, want according to specific situation to decide. Thin material such as silk fabric time generally in 10 seconds - 15 seconds is appropriate. In general, from the hot paper surface, the thin material can also be heated from the cloth surface. Thin material temperature should be lower, thick material like knitted fabric temperature is higher; The time is usually 15 seconds -- 20 seconds is appropriate. The pressure is between 10 and 50P/CM. The clothes that are flat is very hot some, the clothes of thick and thin differ, the drill piece of different size wants to use the cushion of elastic good, the pressure is bigger, ability is hot.

The most notable is that, with steam in the white clothes ironing the color of the homemade octagons peace tablets, easy to make white clothes dyeing, can only use other hot methods. Because other than white and yellow domestic hot film not to fade away, other color film is faded, just can not see in the clothes that have colour. Imported drill color is more stable, not fade. The stamping design requires that the printing design should leave holes in the drill seat to be hot, otherwise the diamond is easy to fall off.