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Learn the key points of hot drilling
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Which aspects do you want to start with? You can look at the back glue, look, look strong, look at the class, look at the class. Here's a detailed analysis:

1. Look at the appearance:

First, look at the cutting surface of the hot drill, the more the cutting surface, the higher the crease, the better the brightness, and secondly, whether the cutting surface is uniform, and the cutting surface is considered as the second product. The hot drilling process is strict, the process is complex, the yield is not very high, the defective rate is in the 3-5% diamond should be regarded as a good product, and then see whether the size of the diamond is the same. The diameter of SS6 is 1.9-2.1mm, and SS10 is 2.7-2.9mm... . You should also see whether the thickness is consistent.

2. Look at back glue

Turn the diamond over to see the color of the back glue, the color is uniform, not different. The color is bright and even, as a good diamond.

3. Strong view

The higher the solubility, the better the diamond. The best way to identify diamonds is to wash them in the washing machine after ironing, not to drop them after washing, to prove that the fastness is good, and when they are washed, they prove that the glue is not strong enough, and the good products cannot be dry-cleaned.

4. Korean hot drill is divided into special grade A, grade A and grade B. Three levels.

Level A: high brightness, no variegated drill, uniform cutting surface, no teeth, scratches and bubbles, the defective rate is between 1% and 2%, the probability of degummed is 0.5% to 1%, the size of the diamond is the same and the firmness is high.

Class A: in the brightness, there are A few colorful drills, the cutting surface is uneven, with teeth, scratches and bubbles, the defective rate is between 5% and 8%, the probability of degumming is 1% to 2%, the size of the diamond is the same, the firmness is high.

Class B: brightness difference, 15% variegated drill. Uneven cutting surface, multi-teeth, scratches and bubbles, the defective rate is between 20% and 50%, the probability of degum is 3% to 10%, the size of the diamond is not consistent, and the firmness is low.

5, in addition to South Korea and domestic hot drilling, and hot hot drilling to Austria and the Czech drilling, this two kinds of good quality diamonds, in brightness, the respect such as quality, quality can reach almost 100% percent of pass, but the price is high, suitable for watches, belts, leather bags, etc for diamond requires less number of high-end products.

Friends can choose from the above when choosing candy drill as a reference condition.