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The basic content of five types of pyrography
- Mar 19, 2018 -

PET low temperature pyrography, flocking and painting, digital transfer stamping, hot stamping and silica gel brief introduction:

PET low temperature pyrography: suitable for the low temperature material of PET, the design effect is bright and bright.

Flocking and painting: feel good and have a clear sense of flocking, conform to international standards, widely used in competition, children's clothing, knitting and other fabrics.

Digital transfer printing: colorful and rich, vivid images, visually giving people a new feeling.

Hot solid hot stamping: hot stamping with large elastic, bright colors, good firmness, washable, suitable for a variety of fabrics.

Silicone pyrograph: environmental non-toxic, high elasticity, tensile resistance, waterproof, pollution resistance, washing resistance, high temperature resistant, can keep the design color bright for a long time and the same, its surface is smooth, feel is good design perfect and fabric with high robustness. Suitable for printing of all kinds of fabrics.