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The test method and standard after the finished product ironing
- Mar 19, 2018 -

After the finished product is ironed, the test shall be carried out, the test fastness and other physical indicators are up to the standard. The test methods and standards are as follows:

A. Delay washing: national standard is 40 ℃ water washing off rub off is sentenced to 2 hours for qualified.

B. Color fastness to washing washing: national standard is nylon fabric 40 ℃ water washing and a half hours, cotton and polyester fabrics 60 ℃ water washing and a half hours.

C. The standard of glue, cloth and color fastness is: dry, wet polishing is 3 ~ 4 grade; The dark color is 2 ~ 3. The methanol is less than or equal to kg / 100mg, and the PH value is 4 ~ 7. 5.