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Type of ironing
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Get rid of the hot drill, warm wool, elegant design, magnificent light, hot drill and sweater together to deduce the fashion.

Crystal hot diamond as a fashion product, is gradually entering people's life. In 2005-2006, crystal will be widely used in fashion and sweater. Now we will introduce some of the crystal hot stones on the market to you and hope to help you.

1. Austria "swarovski" hot drill.

The gum is grey. There are 14 cutting, 12 cutting and 8 cutting products, 12 of which are now out of production, and the 8 cut products are only white and white. The color and specifications of the products are complete. The quality of the material is 30%, the temperature of the hot drill is 175 degrees, the comprehensive defect rate is 3-5%, the quality is excellent, it is firm and reliable, and can be washable and dry-cleaned. But the price is high, belong to non - mainstream market product.

2. Czech hot drill

The gum is transparent and has bubbles. For the 8 cut products, the lead is 25%, the ironing temperature is 140 degrees, the comprehensive defect rate is 3% to 5%, the quality is good, the price is second only to the auger, it belongs to the mainstream market products.

3. Korean iron drill

Back to pale green, 10 aspects, lead content is about 5%, the temperature is about 120 degrees when ironing, comprehensive defect rate is 3% - 5%, after years of market validation, quality is reliable, has good washing fastness, color pure, uniform cutting, low prices, for the mainstream market products.

4. Domestic hot drill

The back is dark green, 8 cut products, no lead, and the ironing temperature is 80 degrees. The defective rate is very high, the fastness is poor, the color has the deep and shallow phenomenon, because its price is low, has a certain market share, the main application is in the mass-produced clothing.

5. Domestic acrylic pressure.

Strictly speaking, acrylic is not a diamond, but a product between plastic and glass. Good brightness, poor firmness, hot drilling temperature should not be too high, if more than 80 degrees, may cause the pressure to melt. Often used in low-grade children's clothing.

Note: the amount of lead determines the brightness of the drill, but the lead content is not as high as the better. After scientific experiments, when the lead content is over 30%, the brightness is the best, and the product with no lead is the worst.