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Use instructions for stamping press
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Pressing and pressing processing instruction.

1. When pressing and pressing, a key examination should be carried out on a single diagram to see that there is an intact drill, an anti-drill, and a damaged drill. No matter how good the process is, these problems are more or less present, so you can make a check before you ironing your clothes. For the above mentioned situation, the backup diamond can be replaced with a pair of tweezers to replace the damaged drill.

2. When pressing and pressing, it is necessary to ensure that adherent materials (such as garment fabrics) are free of dust and oil. (used in determining hot figure hot drilling, iron tablets, star class products to decorate your clothing, should first advanced product testing, to ensure that figure hot products can be firmly stick on attachment objects itself).

3. Test pressing parameters: before pressing the ironing to the clothes, the pressing pressure, pressing time and pressing temperature should be accurately tested. Attachment content is different, very hot figure itself using different materials (such as hot drilling, hot films, octagonal tablets, imported or domestic materials, drilling model sizes), will make iron parameters change, so before ironing, should be accurate test of ironing concrete iron parameters such as temperature, time and pressure.

4. After pressing and pressing, after the clothing and drill itself is slightly cooled, gently remove the hot sheet, and carefully analyze the reason if it is discovered that it will be peeled off together.

5. The hot drill can not be firmly attached to the clothing, for the following reasons, we can handle correctly after the correct analysis: 1. 2. The pressing and pressing attachment itself has problems (such as smooth leather), too much dust or oil pollution caused by pressing and pressing; 3. The hot drilling rubber sole is not firm; 4 ironing without glue.

6. The last check: pressing and pressing finish, if the missing drill is found, the same backup drill will be placed on the clothes with tweezers, and then the surface of the drill will be heated with a soldering iron. About 10 seconds, the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the melt, the completion of the drilling.

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