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What is Hotfix and How to Check the Quality
- Oct 15, 2018 -

1. What is Hotfix? What is the difference to Non hotfix? How to choose?

     Rhinestone hotfix is stone with glue on back. The back glue can fix to Apparel, fabric , leather, and organza or other soft surface with heat. You can use iron or hotfix applicator which can heat the stone. The back glue will melt when there is high heat and fix to fabric well. Hotfix stone ususally used to make rhinestone motif.

The hotfix stone is flatback also. Because the back have glue which make the back more rough, so that when you use it as nail art stone or other with cold glue, it can fix better than non hotfix back. Some customers always use it as non hotfix with cold glue.


What is non hotfix? Non hotfix Rhinestone is without glue on back. It is flatback also. We need use cold glue to fix it. Non hotfix back is much more glossy than hotfix. Usually non hotfix is used to hard surface, such as craft, phone case, cars, nails and ect.


How to choose?


If you use it into soft surface object, you can choose hotfix. Hotfix glue will fix on fabric better than non hotfix. You can use it on dress, bags, soft face shoes and all other fabric which can use iron or heat applicator.


If you like to finish work with hard surface, such as phone case, hard face shoes, metal, plastic, nail art and so on, it is better to choose non hotfix rhinestone. While hotfix rhinestone can be used also because of its flat back. Usually, for small stone, customers use hotfix back instead of non hotfix back with the reason that for small size, hotfix back will fix better than non hotfix back.


Hotfix rhinestone can be used on hard surface also. While non hotfix rhinestone cannot use on soft face fabric.


Hope everything is clear. If there is any question, welcome to contact with us.

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