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Fashion ''crystal Hot Diamond'' Sales Lead Crystal Industry Chain Development
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Crystal products from the initial bracelets, necklaces and other accessories, development to the lamps and lanterns and zodiac, furnishing articles, arts and crafts, to the later is a combination of technology and practical crystal ware and household products, variety is endless.

With the continuous refinement of the category, the crystal products have been further deepened into the life and craft art, and now the crystal products are more artistic and practical.

At the same time, the crystal also gradually infiltrates into other related industries, and with these industries to achieve grafting, thus elongates the industrial chain. "The crystal hot drill is one of them, the hot drill as a clothing accessories, is made up of ironing." According to trade city a sales of such products. Wu, hot figure is glued on the back tape made the specific design of hot drilling, reoccupy perm machine pressure on the clothes or shoes and hats, bags, production process is not complicated, but the effect is unique, in recent years is widely popular with "fashionable gens".

In order to further standardize and promote the operation and development of this crystal branch industry, zhejiang crystal crafts association was established. "The improvement of the crystal process, the expansion of the crystal variety, this has brought an opportunity for related industries. Mineral, semi-finished products, raw materials, in addition to open the upstream and diamond machinery, inside carving equipment, CNC grinding machine, fully automatic equipment manufacturing and other industries, the development of the downstream industry such as chemical paint, clothing sales and product promotion."