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The Feasibility Of Glass Ironing Drill
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Focusing on the characteristics of glass ironing project, the following aspects are highlighted:

1. Glass ironing projects highlight energy saving and environmental protection, including energy conservation and environmental protection investment, equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection technology, energy-saving and environmental protection measures, etc.;

2. Market prospect, according to the market development of previous years, scientific and rigorous forecast of future market conditions;

3. The technical process is operable, which is conducive to the selection of project equipment and the operation of relevant personnel;

4. The glass ironing project should also take into account social benefits while emphasizing economic benefits;

China glass hot drilling project feasibility study of comprehensive demonstration project construction, the necessity of financial profitability, economic rationality, technical advancement and adaptability as well as the possibility and feasibility of the construction conditions, so as to provide scientific basis for investment decision.