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The Origin And Origin Of The Drill/water Drill
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Diamond is a kind of common says, is a man-made crystal glass cut into diamond stone carving face got a jewelry accessory, this kind of material for the economy, at the same time visual effect and feel like diamonds and dazzing. Therefore, it is popular with people, and the water drill is commonly used in the design of mid-range accessories. It is also known as rhinestone, because it is currently made in the world of man-made crystal glass, on both sides of the Rhine. The northern bank is called the Austrian swarovski, or auger. It attracts a lot of sunshine, a good gloss, and a Czech diamond on the south bank. The absorption of the sun is not very sufficient, the luster is inferior to auger. There are Middle East drills, domestic water drills, Korean acrylic drills, etc.

1, the auger drill bottom bottom in olive green, the cut surface can be up to more than 30, so very high refractive index, the height of the prism have deep feeling, because of its hardness is strong, so burnish sustained, this drill in diamond.

Bottom are golden 2, Czech drilling, Czech drilling, the drilling cutting surface is generally more than a dozen, so the refraction effect is good, can reflect the very shine, its hardness is stronger, keep luster in three years, second only to the drill.

3, the Middle East drilling, drilling in khaki, the drill is some house in the Middle East to cater to the market, low-cost manufacturing diamond, so at first glance, the early when used with the Czech drill difference is not big, but use, its gloss retention time is very short, dark at once.

4. South Korean drilling, bright color, good feel, no fading, uniform size, glue adhesion, not easy to fall off.

5. Domestic A drill: the characteristics of imported drill are characteristic, and the fine workmanship can be compared with the imported drill. Relatively speaking, the gloss is not good.

6. Domestic B drill: the manual is rough, the rule of ling Angle is not strong, the gloss is poor, the color of the process is light, the wear resistance is poor, the bottom glue is somewhat uneven and even some will overflow. The price is relatively cheap, the loss is big.

The water drill is mainly made of crystal glass, and their chemical composition contains silica and lead oxide, but their chemical composition and lattice structure are different, so the effect is different.

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