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The Quality Identification Of Ironing And Ironing Is Mainly From The Point Of View
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The quality of hot drill, hot plate (octagon, flat slice) is mainly identified from four aspects: one is brightness. Good quality, good brightness; Poor quality, poor brightness. Second, color difference: quality, pure color, small color difference; Poor quality, bad color, large color difference. 3. Specifications: quality, thickness and diameter; Poor quality, uneven thickness, small diameter. Four is the base glue: the quality, the bottom glue thin and round, the color is consistent; The quality is inferior, the base glue is thick and irregular, the color is deep and shallow, even have a lot of lack of glue. According to the effect of ironing, it is not easy to fall off the bottom glue, and the bottom glue is easy to fall off, especially after seeing the water.

At present, the market has imported, semi-imported (foreign material domestic processing or domestic materials foreign technology), domestic three kinds of drill. Imported best, half - imported good, domestic general. Because GeChang production drilling technical indicators, countries did not test, in the absence of level standards, so the manufacturers, distributors, according to the market comparison, replenish onr's stock price, the business needs, the level of labels, the drilling quality, market price confusion, it is difficult to identify.