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The Three Steps Of Drilling Technology Are Introduced
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Hot drilling technology refers to the technology of making the finished products more beautiful and beautiful by inserting diamonds into leather, cloth and other materials. The drill is divided into three steps:

1. Selection drill: the first screening of the hot drill that will enter the workbench.

2. Arrange the diamond in various patterns, then arrange the diamond to the fixed position on the template, and then use the glue paper to make the picture to be used as a diamond. For the processing of the hot drawing, to check whether there are less drill, anti-drill, bad drill.

3. Ironing drills are mainly used for several kinds of machines, such as ultrasonic ironing drill, ultrasonic spot drill, ultrasonic nail drill, and hot stamping machine.

Check the rules before ironing. If the irregularity affects the appearance, please do not press it hard. After perm, check for ironing. If so, analyze the reasons. If there is no rubber bottom, apply a good drill, with a soldering iron alone. If the temperature or pressure is not enough, adjust the temperature and pressure appropriately.