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What Are The Representative Artists And Their Representative Works?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

In the late qing dynasty and the early republic of China, a number of excellent artists emerged, and their characteristics were formed in henan, guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces. Among them, the famous ones are zhao xing3, li fan, qiu yi-ting, Yang diankui, zhang yanfu, zhang xifan and niu jinxing. Jiangsu has zhang youqin, qian huaijin, liu jintang, pan SAN si, etc. Guangdong has Chen late, zhao zhongheng, zhao zhaoming, zhao huang and so on, all famous.

Get a great development after the founding of folk art, such as the representative of northeast China's heilongjiang province folk artists Ding Baojun etc., can be on paper pyrograph, representative works include the whole picture of the qingming festival on the painting ", "the beautiful", such as landscape characters alive. The sense of space is strong, it is the treasure of folk art.